Welcome to Christ Church

During this time of COVID-19 we have moved to online worship. We will we resume in person worship on Feb 7th 2021 along side of online worship. To get the link for Sunday please email our rector at pastorbecki@gmail.com

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Christ Church, worshipping in the Anglican Tradition! We are a welcoming family, desiring more of God, and following Jesus Christ with all of our hearts, minds, and spirits. It is our desire to assist families in being equipped to know and serve the Lord who loves them so very much. Each person is encouraged to use their gifts in building up this part of Christ’s body so that together, we can make an eternal difference in the lives of people both near and far.

Together, we study, worship, pray, and play as we grow in our faith and discern God’s direction for our lives and our parish. God has answered many of our prayers in miraculous ways, providing far beyond what we could imagine. We are committed to nurturing the faith of each person, and in particular the faith of our children and youth.

Locally, we work to be the “church that can.” We pull together to help fill the shelves at the Dulles South Food Pantry, to assist individuals with serious short term needs, to offer our hands to organizations that need labor, fill Christmas boxes for poor children in third world countries, and to create materials and send people to run a reading camp for children in Ghana. We are committed to being the church in the world beyond our walls.

It is my joy and privilege to have served as rector at Christ Church since 2009. Having been involved in parish life in three states, I can honestly say that nowhere is there a more loving, unified (but not uniform) group of Christ followers. The same miracle-working God whom we read about in the Bible is very much at work in our midst. Together, we long to serve and honor Him in every way.

Faithfully, in Christ,

The Rev. Becki Neumann+