Children are Cherished

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At Christ Church, we cherish our children as an important part of our church.
The vision for this ministry is to raise children of God to become people of God who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their faith. Children are very much a part of the church now; they are not simply the future of the church. We treasure the trust put in us to help them know and trust in Jesus, learn God’s word, and to express their love in worship and service to God.

Current Activities:
✟    Children’s Sunday School
✟    Service projects
✟    Fun and fellowship events
✟    Acolytes
✟    Family worship service
✟    Family Camp
✟    Youth participation in our intercessory prayer ministry
✟    Nursery

Past Activities:
✟    Coat Drive
✟    Father / Child field trip to a dairy farm and creamery
✟    Trips to Hershey Park and Ticonderoga Farms

Our future plans include:
✟    Providing continued opportunities for service
✟    Drama troupe
✟    After school homework club
✟    Mid-week youth ministry events