Confident in the Power of Prayer

Easter2We are a Prayer Driven church that believes the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead calls us to risk-taking prayer for all our needs.

The Vision for the Prayer Ministry is to help instill the belief that God can do the impossible, so we pray first.

We long for grow in their confidence in the power of prayer through Inspiration (via testimonies), discipleship (via classes, coaching, practice, etc.), and service in various activities. Our goal is to be a prayer driven church where all parishioners feel comfortable and confident in their ability to pray and in God’s ability to answer.

Currently we offer:
✟    Sunday Prayer during Holy Communion
✟    Secret Prayer Partners for the children and youth
✟    Tuesday Night Prayer at the church
✟    Times of Sharing Answered Prayer
✟    Newsletter prayer list

Our future plans include:
✟    Classes on Prayer
✟    Add to our Prayer Teams
✟    Small Group for Prayer
✟    Sunday Pre-Worship Prayer
✟    The Prayer Chain
✟    The Prayer Net
✟    Healing Prayer Ministry
✟    Healing Services