Supporting Ministry

Supporting Ministry undergirds the normal operations of the parish.

The supporting ministry works in the background to “keep the lights on” and to relieve administrative burdens from the other teams so that they can focus on their respective ministry areas.

Current Activities:
✟    Manage operations of the Vestry and Church Leadership
✟    Tactical and strategic financial planning
✟    Facility services including Community Center lease
✟    Executed purchase of the Church Office townhouse
✟    Upkeep of Church vehicles
✟    Manage the Corporation
✟    Operate the Church Office
✟    Manage the Church Calendar
✟    Support spiritual and numerical growth in Christ Church
✟    Review staffing resource needs and execute recruitment

Our future plans include:
✟    Provide administrative support for the Rector
✟    Develop plans for our own 7×24 worship space